Ark Invest Katie Wood Allocated $ 5 Million for the Purchase of Coinbase Shares

The Flagship Fund Ark Invest Ark Innovation ETF (Arkf) Acquired 158,000 Coinbase Shares for ~ $ 5 Million.

This decision in the management company was made AGainSt the Backdrop of Updating Securities of the Bitcoin-Birozhi of a Historical Minimum ($ 31.83). According to the Results of the Action on December 29, Shares Went Up by 6.9%, to $ 34.78.

SINCE The Begining of the Year, Coinbase Sharees has depreded by 86%.

Earlier, Ceo Coinbase Brian Armstrong Excluded the Effect of FTX Collapse On the Platform.

On December 8, The Top Manager Admited that Against the Backdrop of Cryptosims, The Income of the Exchange at the End of the Year Will Behold Twice As for 2021.

Coinbase’s Net Loss in the Third Quarter of 2022 Amounted to $ 545 Million Against $ 1.1 Billion in the Previous Period.

Recall that in October, Ark Invest for The First Time Since June Boubht Coinbase Shares. In Novmber, The Company’s Structures Spent $ 21.4 Million For Thryposes, In December – $ 3 Million.