zendesk or intercom

By integrating these two apps, you can streamline your workflow and automate repetitive tasks. LiveAgent is an Intercom alternative you might want to consider as it offers metadialog.com a number of support features that Intercom doesn’t. Built-in call center support, SLA management, audit logs, and success managers are all available with LiveAgent’s tool.

  • Going along with this, many users report that Zendesk seems to have already “done it all” in terms of features and functionality.
  • Zendesk supports teams that can then field these issues from a nice unified dashboard.
  • Both Intercom and Zendesk provide you with their own Operator bot, which immediately suggests relevant material to clients via the chat widget.
  • Using this, agents can chat across teams within a ticket via email, Slack, or Zendesk’s ticketing system.
  • Intercom features phone support, online support, and a knowledge base.
  • If Intercom is still cost prohibitive, we recommend looking at alternative solutions like Freshdesk or Zoho Desk.

Check out which Intercom alternatives offer better value for money and will suit your business needs. And there’s still no way to know how much you’re going to pay for them, since the prices are only revealed after you go through a few sales demos with the Intercom team. To sum things up, one can get really confused trying to make sense of the Zendesk suite pricing, let alone to calculate costs.

Why Should You Use an Intercom Alternative?

The two essential things that Zendesk lacks in comparison to Intercom are in-app messages and email marketing tools. Intercom on the other hand lacks many ticketing functionality that can be essential for big companies with a huge customer support load. The Intercom versus Zendesk conundrum is probably the greatest problem in the world of customer support tools. They both offer some state-of-the-art core functionality and numerous unusual features. The highlight of Zendesk’s ticketing software is its omnichannel-ality (omnichannality?). Whether agents are facing customers via chat, email, social media, or good old-fashioned phone, they can keep it all confined to a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Does Zendesk integrate with Intercom?

The Zendesk Support app gives you access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk, and lets you create new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations.

In this detailed comparison, we’ll explore the features and characteristics of Intercom and Zendesk, highlighting each of their unique capabilities, so you can identify the right solution for your needs. Integrations are the best way to enhance the toolkit of your apps by connecting them for interoperable actions and features. Both Zendesk and Intercom have integration libraries, and you can also use a connecting tool like Zapier for added integrations and add-ons. Zendesk’s mobile app is also good for ticketing, helping you create new support tickets with macros and updates.

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One of the most important reasons why it is close to the Intercom is that it can manage a call center for customer support. In other words, it’s a great solution for businesses looking to set up and develop a call center. Additionally, Hiver’s live chat feature integrates seamlessly with Gmail, providing real-time support to customers. The knowledge base functionality enables the creation and maintenance of a central library of help articles, promoting customer self-service and reducing support volume. Best Zendesk alternative for businesses looking for an all-in-one customer service solution with a powerful CRM, marketing automation, and sales tools. Other features that Freshdesk offers include help desk software, messaging and chatbot support, and omnichannel communication to reach customers across various platforms.

zendesk or intercom

With its WordPress plugin or JavaScript code, Tidio boasts that teams can easily get started within five minutes. LiveChat offers features for businesses looking for help with support, sales, and marketing, making it a similar tool to Intercom — but for a fraction of the cost. This is a great solution if you’re looking to set up, expand, or manage your own call center. Easily buy a new number, manage your call center team, and access features that can help your team support its customers. Help Scout’s shared inbox makes it easy to collaborate on customer support issues and ensures the customer experience is seamless from all sides. Most of our Intercom alternatives have much more straightforward pricing plans that are based on the number of support agents you need seats for, allowing your business to better plan for expenses.

It’s impossible to effectively engage with customers at scale

In the duel between Zendesk vs Intercom, it seems that Zendesk chat rises slightly above Intercom. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Zendesk chat is right for your business. We have trained support reps that can assist you with the whole migration process.

zendesk or intercom

Knowledge Base is one of the self-service sections that includes articles or documents providing technical help to customers and employees. To make a comparison of Zendesk vs Intercom knowledge base features is quite tricky. So, Intercom Articles will be opposed to Zendesk Suite – in that way the contrast is (more or less) fair.

Preparing Before the Process

This customer communication platform enables companies to provide support at scale. Front uses the simplicity of an email inbox and combines it with the automation and insights typical for a CRM to manage customer communication. Customization options include creating custom rules, macros, blueprints, SLAs, escalations, and notifications to automate tasks and workflows. With HappyFox, users can provide support to their clients via email, live chat, social media, and by phone.


After an in-depth analysis such as this, it can be pretty challenging for your business to settle with either option. That’s why it would be better to review where both the options would be ideal to use. Some of the links that appear on the website are from software companies from which CRM.org receives compensation. This site does not include all companies or all available Vendors. The Zendesk marketplace is also where you can get a lot of great add-ons. Popular integrations include Slack, MailChimp, Dropbox, and Jira.

Intercom Features & Benefits

Businesses can use the trial versions to find the best software and decide on the platform that suits them best. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can narrow down your choices and select the ideal Zendesk competitor that aligns with your business requirements and goals. Without further ado, let’s dive into the 14 best competitors to Zendesk’s popular help desk software. Get to a resolution faster by switching to voice calls and share your screen – without switching to another platform.

What is the competitive advantage of Zendesk?

Consistently highest ROI

Zendesk offers an omnichannel solution that gives you the tools to improve customer support and boost your ROI. In a 2021 study by Forrester, Zendesk for enterprise increased the ROI of some businesses by 286 percent over a three-year period.

I’m not sure if Intercom has a kind of rule for this, but I had a customer give me some feedback that he work up one morning and found I had sent him a whole bunch of messages. There was a mysterious kind of operational barrier to writing articles in Zendesk. In the end, I said to hell with it, and for an experiment I took 3 days off, and just re-wrote 300 Helpcenter articles in intercom as a fresh start.

Introduction to Intercom & Zendesk

There are 3 Basic support plans at $19, $49 and $99 per user per month billed annually, and 5 Suite plans at $49, $79, $99, $150, and $215 per user per month billed annually. Save your team time and provide more consistent support by establishing customer service workflows that enable you to automate repetitive tasks and route tickets to the right team member more efficiently. Streamline the support you give by enabling customers to self-service with our knowledge base feature.

zendesk or intercom

Is Zendesk better than Intercom?

Zendesk is billed more as a customer support and ticketing solution, while Intercom includes more native CRM functionality. Intercom isn't quite as strong as Zendesk in comparison to some of Zendesk's customer support strengths, but it has more features for sales and lead nurturing.